From the PR4G handsets and the sound-powered telephone to magnetic switches, FACTEM offers a variety of equipment and communication systems which are designed, adapted and manufactured for civil and military land environments. All this is to maximise efficiency of your work on operation sites!



The PR4G handset is the perfect ally for easy and effective communication. Robust and waterproof (IP68) design are the perfect features for use during military operations. Even better, it is compatible with all radio communication systems.

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Designed for greater comfort, our EF7 headsets are ergonomic, ultra-resistant and completely adjustable. It is equipped with a noise-cancelling microphone and is available both with passive or active noise reduction (ANR), talk-through and Bluetooth. The perfect companion for smooth communication, combining engineering, comfort and design!

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necessity considered


Combined with magnetic switches, inductors can be used in multiple situations. They can be found in use as limit switches and in detecting the passage or position of moving units or systems in harsh environments (handling industry, hoisting, cranes...).

Even better, they operate without any contact or mechanical intervention and function without any power source.

Reliability in all circumstances



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