FACTEM designs and manufactures a comprehensive and specialised naval communication system. From headsets to the sound-powered telephone network (GÉNÉPHONE©), to equipment such as the hand microphone, everything has been designed and created to meet your needs and create an efficient and easy to use communication system for your organisation.



AVS sound-powered headsets are part of a communication system that FACTEM has made for more than 70 years. The flagship product of this network is called the GÉNÉPHONE© sound-powered telephone. This range of headsets together with its corresponding network allow communication between multiple operators located several kilometres away from each other without any power source other than that generated by the voice. This essential technical feature makes it a network of highly sought-after quality and makes it very useful for use in harsh conditions.

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Robust and comfortable, our EF7 headset is ergonomically-designed, ultra-resistant and completely adjustable. It is equipped with a noise-cancelling microphone and is available with active or passive noise reduction, allowing it to meet all your needs and expectations. The EF7 headset range also offers the ability to connect via Bluetooth to other communication accessories. The ideal headset for a high-quality and efficient wireless communication system!

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Factem PEH helmets are proof that it is possible to combine strength and efficiency with a very high noise reduction (35dB). They are the perfect companion for use on flight decks, with weapon systems and in other loud environments. Even better, the whole range is fully customisable and is available in multiple versions.

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