FACTEM designs and manufactures a wide range of dedicated civil and military aviation products. From the flight deck helmet to pilot headsets used in the cockpit, FACTEM offers high-quality products with high acoustic performance which meet the demands of its customers’ harsh working environments.



Our FL20 Series headsets are lightweight, comfortable and robust with high-performance active noise reduction. They are designed to meet operators most demanding needs and are available in multiple versions. Even better, this range has been tested, certified and recommended by Airbus! 

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Designed for greater comfort, the EF7 aviation headset is ergonomically-designed, ultra-resistant and completely adjustable. It is equipped with a noise-cancelling microphone and is available both with passive or active noise reduction (ANR), talk-through and Bluetooth. The perfect aviation companion for use in the civil or military sector, combining engineering, comfort and design!

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Particularly suited to aviation applications, our AVS headsets combine comfort, strength and reliability. Thanks to their high level of customisability, whether in terms of receiver, microphone and also connector interchangeability, they will be up to your standards and adapt to your use case and application.

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