The latest headset designed and created by Factem is a lightweight set that can be used as easily in the control room as in a cockpit for business and/or commercial flights. ETSO/TSO C139A certified, it is robust, comfortable and comes with a 5-year guarantee! Headsets in the FL20 range are equipped with a retractable earcup and interchangeable components allowing for quick and easy repairs, a sign of genuine modernity, innovation and quality! So what are you waiting for? Add it to your basket!

3 versions are available:

  • The FL20-IA: communicating headphone with active noise reduction (20dB) and equipped with a differential noise-canceling microphone, positionable on the right or on the left.
  • The FL20-P: passive communicating headphone featuring a noise-cancelling microphone, which can be positioned on the right or the left.
  • The FL20-L: receiver headphone only with passive noise reduction.
Each version is available with different types of connector, in order to make it easy for you and to meet your expectations and satisfy your application needs. That’s not all! This new range has been tested, approved and are recommended by Airbus!