Elastomer Handset


The Sound-Powered handset of GENEPHONE® brand works only with the energy generated by the voice and allows audio communication over several kilometers.


The sound-powered elastomer are well suited to civil applications requiring audio communication without a power supply (chemical plants, oil and energy industries, tunnels, mines, boats...). Their construction allows them to be used in harsh environments. They offer robustness, ergonomic design, autonomy, reliability and unparalleled level of accessibility.

They also feature a calling howler which delivers a perfectly audible sound even in noisy environments.

This handset range includes a ATEX certified version.

Main Specifications
• Calling howler: Black (blue on G752)
• Weight: 1400 g
• Straight output cord

Acoustical Specifications
• Microphone / Earphone:TA133 sound-powered transducer
              Microphone Sensitivity: 50 mV ± 4 dB at 1000 Hz
              Earphone Sensitivity > 130 dB

Environnemental Specifications
• Working temp.: Range -20 to +55 °C
• Material: Elastomer Self-extinguishing elastomer
• RoHS


 Certification  Reference  Description
 G711  Construction handset
 Group I - CER CHAR 84.7009 X  G752  Mine handset
 Group II C - LCIE 09 ATEX 3047 X  G852A  Handset for explosive environments

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