Poste Auto-Générateur G597


The G597 telephone is used in conjunction with the G594 or G595 telephone to create a star-structure intercommunication network.

This equipment is available in two versions:

  • G597-V for on-wall installation with casing
  • G597-H for flush mount installation

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In a star-architecture network the G597 telephone is used a secondary phone.


Star structure:

  • Comprises a multi-channel telephone (master phone) and several single-channel telephones (secondary phones).
  • The master phone can call one or several secondary phones (conference mode).
  • Each secondary phone can call the master phone directly.
  • Each secondary phone can also connect to another secondary phone (manual connection by the master operator).

Détails du produit

Conforme RoHS :
Écouteur(s) :
cellule auto-génératrice A47421
Microphone :
cellule auto-génératrice A47421
Température de fonctionnement :
-40°C à +55°C
Raccordement :
Sur bornier
Magnéto d'appel :
Sur combiné
Nombres de directions max :
Hurleur :

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