Whether it be analog or digital electronics, FACTEM's engineers and technicians put their skills to use in developing products capable of passing the most severe tests in terms of CEM, temperature, vibration, etc. to meet all the requirements of military and civil clients (ALTIUM).


With important methods (reverberating chamber, artificial head) and modern tools (B&K banks, etc) FACTEM has years of experience in the study of phenomenon linked to the spread, the acquisition and the restitution of sounds in the most varied environments and conditions.


At the heart of the development, configuration management tools chosen by Factem allow our engineers to ensure effective traceability of product customization to each customer. These tools are used for all software developments (signal processing, embedded real-time, human-machine interfaces, analysis of vibration phenomena , ...) and materials (BOM electronic cards, product customization, ...).


The mechanical developments are made under CATIA or SOLID WORKS and allow us to directly interface with 3D production tools or to provide our subcontractors (plastic injection, machining) all the necessary information to make products according to the quality-cost-time requirements.


EN9100 and PART21G certified, FACTEM is authorized by the EASA and OSAC to deliver release documents for its products that have ETSO C139. This procedure allows our clients to overcome new certifications, FACTEM products directly being "airplanable".